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I believe small business is the soul of our economy & entrepreneurship is the fuel.
— James Harper

If you've made it to this page and you wonder what the hell it is I do exactly? I'll break it down for you in the most simple terms I can. 

Digital Marketing Denver

Way back when, I was freelance digital marketer. I've since grown, and I'm now the Founder of GoEdison, a boutique marketing firm that is dedicated to helping small businesses be more bold with their marketing strategies. If you want to work with me in the digital marketing realm, it's best to go straight through my company GoEdison

Personal Branding

The power and belief I have in personal branding can't be put into words. Over the past five years, I've had the wonderful opportunity to help a multitude of various professionals, from entry level employees, professional athletes, and top notch executives increase their personal brand to help them advance with better professional opportunity. If you're in need of a personal re-brand. I'm 1,000% your guy. Contact me directly. 


I love to speak. But more than that, I love to teach. I believe speaking and teaching go hand in hand. If you're not adding value, impact, and influence when you speak, then you just like to hear yourself talk. Personally, I can't stand my voice, but I love the stage. 

I've been blessed to speak at many different events over the years. From professional conferences, luncheons, to just being able to sit in front of a room full of ambitious professionals wanting to learn. If you would like me to come speak at one of your company events, lunches, or just come meet the staff and share my experience, I'd love to chat more. 

Here are some of my most notable speaking events the last few years.  

bbcon - Blackbaud Conference: Nashville, 2014

BlogPaws - Digital Marketing Conference: Las Vegas, 2014

PRSA - Colorado State Chapter: Fort Collins, 2015

Whether you need me for hire, want more information, or just want to know more about what I do, thank you. I'm humbled by your interest. With that being said. Let's connect. Fill out the form below, and let's get in touch. 

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