Three Proven Email Marketing Strategy Tips

Remember about a year ago when the online world was freaking out that email marketing might die because of all the other digital platforms and opportunities out there? Well, we can all take a deep breath, and realize that time and time again, email always seems to give us the most digital ROI.

Listed below are three key reasons and components why your email campaigns are succeeding, and more than likely, you are seeing great ROI from your email lists. Let’s dive in.

Simple & Concise

All too often I see companies with huge email lists confuse their audience with cluttered messaging and way too much text on their emails. It drives me crazy, and actually hurts my little digital heart that they aren’t capitalizing on the potential of their lists.

Now with the domination of mobile, having clean, simple, and concise messaging is even more important. In a report recently released by Constant Contact, they believe more concise emails not only look cleaner, but also performs the best.

Killer Subject Lines

I know, sounds obvious right? Everyone needs killer email headers, better blog headlines, so and so forth. I get it, but are we really spending most our time brainstorming the best subject line? If we aren’t, we should be. Personally, I even get lazy at this sometimes. We can always improve, grow, and be more creative.

Hubspot believes 55% of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on our websites. So that means we have even less time to catch their attention for a kick ass email subject line.

Email leaders MailChimp have strong data on the three worst words to put in your subject line that could get your emails put in spam boxes.

  • Help
  • Percent Off
  • Reminder

Be Human

No one likes talking to a robot. It’s that simple. We need to start focusing on directing our audience to take action from our content because they trust us.

Marketers stopped cold calling years ago, because they sounded too salesy, came across harsh, and turned people away with very little ROI. Well, we need to stop having that same approach in our emails. Too many brands use their email lists as strictly a sales pitch.

Your email subscribers signed up on your lists most likely because you did something to entice them, or they simply trust your brand. Don’t lose that enticement and trust because you are killing them with awful hard sale emails.

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