How to Process Content Overload

Last month I did something out of the ordinary. I asked for professional feedback from my colleagues, clients, mentors, followers, and peers. If you’re on my subscriber list, you got an email from me saying “I Need Your Help”. To all those who responded, thank you very much for your kind words, valuable feedback, and most of all, your engagement.

One response stuck out to me the most though. It was from a former colleague, and old time friend Matt Need. Matt’s awesome- I actually think very few people should write a book about their life, but Matt is one of those people that honestly needs to write about a book about his. It would be a New York Times Bestseller within a year. I know it.

Matt had some great questions for me too. He wanted to know about good “hacks” to always stay ahead of the game in the digital marketing world. As we all know, the world of digital media is always changing and evolving. How do you we stay on top of the latest terms, trends, and most of all, how do we decipher relevant content that’s actually of value to us?

To give everyone context, this was Matt’s question exactly:

“I get a ton of emails about marketing tips every damn day, and for the most part, they’re indecipherable – cluttered with jargon, phrased in know-it-all prose that makes the reader feel he’ll never get it on his own.”

Frankly, it’s a great question and really presses and issue I think we all struggle with. How to not get lost in the over-flooding of bad and irrelevant content.

So with that question and issue in mind. Here’s my solution with a few simple steps.

Clean Out Your Inbox

Start fresh, clean out your inbox. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, well if only it was that easy. I’ve had the same email now for over five years, I get it. It’s a pain to manually unsubscribe from random email lists you have no idea how you even got on. But having a clean email inbox is the first step to tailoring relevant content that addresses YOUR needs. And the good news. There are some great tools out there that help you save time with email.

Let me introduce you to my new favorite tool First off, I’m a sucker for any company using a new TLD, like the .me instead of .com. I think it’s innovative and badass. Nerd rant over, moving on… is a great way you sort out your busy inbox. It allows you to mass unsubscribe from lists you don’t want to be on, and combine your favorite subscriptions into on email. How easy, and helpful! Your new content rollup will appear in your inbox every day at the same time. One email, once a day, all your subscriptions in one place. You can’t beat that. Learn all about in the video below.

Utilize Twitter Lists

This is such an underused tool that I even blogged about it six months ago. Say what you want about “Twitter is dying” this and that, but the bottom line is this: I still get some of my best content from Twitter on a daily basis and utilizing Twitter Lists allows me to keep my content organized.

Using Twitter Lists allows you to listen to your industry. This gives you the opportunity to keep an eye brands you love, competitors, and again, key influencers. Another cool thing is you can make your lists public or private and you don’t have to follow the account to put them in a list.

Personally, I use Twitter Lists to keep an eye on my stocks and investments. It’s a simple way for me to stay in the loop with companies that have some significance to me that I don’t want to recieve content from on a daily basis.

Content overload is a common problem in today’s online heavy world. It can be frustrating and time consuming trying to find and figure out relevant credible sources, brands, and influencers. I hope the steps listed above provide some help.

Also, to my good friend Matt Need. Thank you for the initial engagement, and reaching out and sharing a frustration of yours with me. But before I sign off, I have to answer one last questions Matt had.

Matt’s question was this:

“And one last thing. What the f**ck is Ello?”

Well Matt, here’s a great definition of what Ello is.

Ello is an online social networking service created by Paul Budnitz and Todd Berger in March 2014. It was created as an ad-free alternative to existing social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. It is currently in beta.