Introducing GoEdison

First and foremost, thank you. 

I want to start off this post with gratitude towards my current James Harper Media readers. If it wasn't for you, GoEdison, and my future business endeavors never would be possible. This site over the past two years has introduced me to a new life. It's given me you guys, my kick ass readers. It's given me opportunity, both personally and professional. But most of all, it's given me confidence. This little blog here, that's gets about 15,000 readers a year (very small), has given me confidence to keep exploring and expanding my capabilities. 

This past Tuesday, April 12th, was the official launch of GoEdison, my very own boutique marketing firm. Although my new business cards might read Founder, none of this launch was possible without our Co-Founder Jimbo Davis

Introducing GoEdison

GoEdison has a simple mission that runs off three core values. Good Citizenship, Integrity, and Leadership. We believe every business needs similar core values to ultimately play as a key influencer not only in their industry, but also their community. 

Why GoEdison

GoEdison is committed to helping small businesses succeed by empowering these businesses to be more strategic and "bold" with their digital marketing efforts. We not only provide proven ROI and quality results, we also provide a comfortable experience. Which is something the outdated and trendy marketing agency industry has failed to do. No longer do small businesses have to be intimidated. GoEdison provides premium services for a modest price any small business could budget and invest in. 

I've went back and forth on how I wanted to create this post, and what exactly to say. Part of me as a new business owner feels excited, while the other half of me is scared to death. I'm scared of failure. Just like any other entrepreneur. And any entrepreneur that tells you they aren't scared to fail is a flat out liar. Failure sucks and no one likes it. But it's not about "not failing", it's about reacting and learning from your failures which ultimately leads to success. It's a very simple formula. 

Below is my personal message I sent out to my direct family and friends on the day of GoEdison's launch. 


With Gratitude, 

James David Harper

If you want to become part of the GoEdison experience, just click the button below. Let the GoEdison team treat you to coffee. 

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