How to run an effective lightbox campaign

What is a lightbox?

Lightbox campaigns bring screen creative to your website, helping engage your online audience with a specific call-to-action. It allows you to funnel your traffic to a specific web page or call-to-action.

Why lightboxes rock

Lightboxes do two main things. They strengthen your online relationships across the web by giving your web traffic a direct call-to-action, and make your campaign-content the focal point of your website.

Context for lightbox campaign timelines.

Lightbox campaigns shouldn’t happen more than 2-3 times per year for any brand, company, or organization. If a lightbox is overused, it can come across pushy to a potential customer. I’m a firm believer that lightbox campaigns have to be strategic with a full integrated digital plan that directs your web traffic to a very specific call-to-action.


Light box campaigns are one of the most effective ways to help build your email lists. Companies like AppSumo are known for their strategy and tools they provide for lead-generation. What’s one of their main selling points? Light-box lead generation tools such at ‘lists builders’ and ‘scroll boxes’.

Types of lightboxes most commonly seen

  • Email captures
  • Downloadable forms (mostly all used for lead-gen)
  • Promotional deals. ie: Sign up now for 10% off
  • Donation buttons – Nonprofits.

Simple Conclusion

All in all, I’m all for running various lightbox campaigns. I know this can be a sensitive tool, but I think for any major digital campaign, with this strategy, it makes sense. I am also confident that when lightbox campaigns are ran correctly, you see substantially higher conversions.
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